• March 21st – April 19th
  • Sign of the Ram.
  • Crystals/Birthstones: Diamond, Amethyst, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline.
  • Ruling Planet: Mars.
  • Flower:  Daisy, Sweet pea.

Aries the Ram is the first sign of the zodiac. The Aries person is an action person and just like their sign or the Ram they have force and drive and often born leaders. They are very intuitive and eager to do things on their own in their own way. They are active, adaptable and usually have ongoing energy and always aware of chances. Aries make great advisers, they are quick to work out a situation and move others into action. They are ambitious and can really spark things up. The Aries person like to see positive results in what they set out to achieve and are dissatisfied if the results fall short. They can be scattered sometimes in their efforts of wanting to do too many things at once and often take up another task before finishing the previous one. They love activity; they can also be argumentative and often think they have a point to prove.

They will also fight for the course especially if it is something they deeply believe in. They always seem to be able to come up with the answers, often not able to help themselves with their own advice, but able to offer beneficial advice for others. They love their independence and don’t like being tied down. Patience is something they are suppose to be born with under the sign of the ram, but are often not patient and can be stubborn like the ram. Aries is a strong influence throughout the zodiac and are said to be lucky and can act on a hunch. Being born under the ruling planet of Mars can make for some aggression in some of these characters, but not always the case. They are caring, strong and very empathic to all that come to know them and to the human race.

One of the crystals or birthstones of Aries the Ram is Diamond. This stands for purity, love, relationships, clarity, commitment and fidelity. Diamond is the symbol of wealth and abundance. Excellent for releasing stress that is ongoing also for reducing fear and pain. Brings into the light good, positive energy and brings out the human soul light. Activates the Crown Chakra which facilitates the brain and sight, can be very beneficial for the metabolism and the Aura. Citrine is a wealth crystal that suits this sign as they are usually good with money.

Another crystal beneficial to Aries the Ram is Amethyst. This powerful protective stone and highly spiritual. It blocks negative energy and the source of stress. Amethyst has good healing properties and very useful to those suffering with insomnia or sleep disturbances. This crystal is beneficial to the mind and facilitates a calming affect for those wishing to do deep meditation, make decisions or activate the memory. Amethyst alleviates fear, anger and anxiety, also sadness and loss. This crystal promotes spiritual love and spirituality; it opens the intuition and psychic mind. Amethyst is useful at the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to stimulate meditation. It is beneficial for the intestines, blood, lungs, immune system and for releasing headaches.