The beautiful blue Sapphire is not known as a crystal but as a precious Gemstone. Sapphires come in other colours such as pink, black, purple and green, these colours are rare and expensive but the rarest of all is the Star Sapphire which is a magnificent Gem. Blue is the most readily available and often referred to as the gem of wisdom or the stone of knowledge. These stones can help when depression, stress and tension become a problem. Sapphires can facilitate the calming of an over active mind or troubling thought forms.

This stone can aid links to spiritual awareness and psychic intuition; also aids equilibrium throughout the physical and ethereal body systems. Used during meditation on the throat chakra it can help release that which you are holding back and not voicing out loud. On a healing aspect, sapphires are beneficial to the body’s circulation and the function of the nervous system. Sapphires are beneficial for doing deep spiritual work and help to keep you on your path of learning; Also an excellent stone for removing negative stress and energy especially if it affects the throat chakra.

Sapphire is aligned with the zodiac signs of;

Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd. Virgo’s are drawn to this gem to help them speak about or teach others about the knowledge and information they have.

Gemini May 21st – June 20th. Gemini’s are attracted to blue sapphires to guide them on their spiritual journey and spiritual learning.

I often use Sapphires to facilitate deeper states of meditation and also incorporate the crystals Amethyst to bring calm and quiet to the mind and smoky quartz for grounding. All three are excellent to work with for all levels of meditation and spiritual work.