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Ruby is an excellent stone for energy, often referred to as the Energy Stone this wondrous dark red stone is a precious gem rather than a crystal. It comes in varying shades of red thru to almost looking like it is black and has become rather expensive to purchase. Often found growing with a crystal called Zoisite the Ruby and Zoisite together make a powerful combination, encouraging life passion and motivation. Ruby brings in positive dreams and helps to quell nightmares. It is a good stone to guard against psychic attack and protection you when doing your private psychic work. Rubies are for wealth and abundance and promote those in management or leadership roles; it also encourages courage, positive attitude and awareness.

Rubies assist in keeping the mind alert and aids concentration; will also calm an over active mind or a situation in which there is a dispute. This stone is beneficial for the heart chakra for balance, detoxification and proper blood flow, assisting the circulatory and adrenal systems.  Rubies are an emotionally charged stone full of passion and it is suggested that may be good for ones love life! For those who tend to bury their anger this stone can help bring it to the surface for it to be dealt with and bring about positive change.

Ruby in Zoisite will open the Crown chakra allowing higher states of consciousness and spiritual teachings and information. The combination of the two is excellent for healing the soul and past life trauma.

Rubies are aligned with zodiac signs of Cancer June 21st – July 22nd. The passion of this stone draws the Cancerian to it and the protection of its energy.

Scorpio October 23rd – November 21st.  This sign likes the practicality of Ruby for the alertness of mind and quick reaction to situations. Also the ‘sting’ of passion it can offer.

Leo July 23rd – August 22nd. Leo’s love the thought of abundance with Rubies and the value in such a beautiful gemstone. This sign of Leo enjoys the passionate nature of this stone.