Emerald is a green gemstone varying in depths of green colour to very dark and peacock greens. Often referred to as an inspirational stone and helps you to find what you are looking for on a personal level. Emerald is beneficial to the heart and opens it up to positive emotions and brings calm to the mental, physical and emotional levels. Emeralds aid those wishing to bring out their clairvoyant insights and tune into their intuitive mind. Use Emeralds with the crystal of Malachite for healing of Body and Mind.

This stone benefits those needing strength and hope to move through difficult times and situations. Worn as a pendant over the heart is said to protect the wearer from the pain of lost love, jealousy or deception. It strengthens the mind aiding clear thinking, concentration and knowledge. Emeralds help you recognise the truth and to have understanding toward others. This Gemstone is said to be beneficial to the eyes, muscle structure, heart, lungs and bones; it is also an excellent detoxifier for the liver.

Emeralds are sourced mainly for use in jewellery, especially rings and pendants but can also make beautiful ear rings and can be quite expensive for a well faceted dark green specimen. Raw specimens are accessible and not as expensive to purchase.

Emerald aids in the recovery of situations that have had emotional upheaval or torment. This gemstone aligns its energy with the zodiac star signs of;

Leo July 23rd – August 22nd. Leo the Lion is drawn to this stone to protect the heart from hurt and to help them thru difficult times of love.

Taurus April 20th – May 20th. Taureans are aligned with this gemstone to aid them in clear thinking and concentration especially within their jobs or careers.