Diamond is the most precious and sort after of all gemstones and for a certified large specimen you will be looking at a big expense but well worth it as Diamonds only appreciate over time and become more valuable. As a girl’s best friend most engagement rings are made up of diamonds and last a life time. The zodiac sign of Aries is lucky enough to have this beautiful gem as its birthstone and I’m happy to say I fall under this star sign and love diamonds but am very partial to deep blue Sapphires and more drawn to them as a gemstone.

Diamond has always been known as the Stone of Purity its pure White Light radiates out from the core essence of the stone and brings bonds in love, relationships and partnerships. It is seen as the symbol of fidelity and commitment in a marriage and has been a long standing Symbol of Wealth throughout thousands of years.

A large specimen is said to dissipate electro-magnetic stress and radiation especially from our everyday appliances. Diamond is a powerful stone that never needs its energy cleansed or recharged as it is a strong amplifier of energy; it tends to increase the energy of anything it comes into contact with and makes an excellent healing tool. This glorious gem will light the darkness when you have negative influences around you and transform the negative energy into light.

Diamond is an excellent healer for the human aura bringing uplifting clear energy to a heavy or depleted auric field. It helps you to feel stronger and not indulge in fears that do not serve you. Also known as the Creative Stone it stimulates the imagination, new direction and a creative flare. Diamonds can offer aid to mental or emotional pain, brings clear decisive thinking and brings forth the Souls Light and energy. In healing it is of benefit to the brain and eyesight, allergies and to balance the metabolism.

Worn as jewellery Diamond offers positive enlightening energy. For meditation or general wellness and rejuvenation hold it in your hands when meditating. It is suggested that it very effective when worn as earrings to protect against the emanations from mobile phone use.