Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones are sometimes referred to as crystals as their beauty is so often aligned with that of the crystal clan but in actual fact they are not crystals they are Precious Gems. Diamond for instances is the hardest in structure of all our Gemstones and can scratch or cut glass! Diamonds have been the sign of wealth for thousands of years and the most recognised stone in the world today, used primarily for jewellery and more over engagement rings, wedding bands and friendship rings. There is nothing more stunning than a large well faceted glowing diamond; it permeates beautiful pure white light.

Other well known precious gemstones are the Exotic Dark Blue Sapphire, the Ravishing Red Ruby, and the Elegant Green Emerald. Even tho many other stones come under the heading of gemstones these are the highest prized and often the best graded. For instance the Sapphire doesn’t really look all that flash when it is mined out of the earth but is an amazing, brilliant stone when cleaned and faceted.

I would have to say that Sapphires are my most favourite of all precious gemstones, I don’t think you can go past a deep blue sapphire and the darker the blue the more precious and expensive. Sapphires come in other colours including Black (beautiful and expensive) green, pink, purple, royal, yellow, white and star sapphire. All becoming rarer to find and can be very expensive. The Star Sapphire I have seen many years ago as a work mate had one set in a ring that her husband had brought back from overseas, and it was one of the most exquisite gems I had ever seen! It literally has a five pointed star formation in the depths of the stone and this sapphire is now extremely rare.

The gemstone of Ruby is a fascinating stone and some specimens look like they have life’s passion within them. They too can be quite dull when first dug up but come to life when polished. A faceted stone is usually bright and transparent where as one that is left untouched can be opaque or cloudy. The uncut specimens of Ruby are usually readily available and the cut and polished gems are kept for jewellery and can be quite expensive, but worth the outlay even if it is only a small ring! The rich red lustre of Rubies can be quite bright to darker versions of deep red tones to sometimes looking like it is black gem. When taken out into the sunlight the deep red tones shine out.

Last but not least of the Precious Gemstones is the elegant Emerald, gorgeous greens varying from light green to deep peacock green. Again the freshly mined stone is not all that noticeable and can be dull and cloudy. Like the ruby, emerald is readily available as an uncut unpolished specimen, but gem quality again is expensive. The rare gem quality stones are kept for jewellery.

For collectors like myself of crystals and gemstones, I do appreciate the uncut versions of all these wonderful stones. To see a raw stone in its natural state that has taken hundreds of years (in some cases) to form is fascinating, we really do not stop to take the time to appreciate the magnitude of the earth’s bounty. I have coached many people over the years in understanding how the crystal, minerals and gemstones form within the earth and most of them had never really thought about it, just thinking that for the most part they are dug up and coloured by man! Of course man has his part to play but most of the work is done whilst the stone is still earth bound. Some gems now are being heat treated to change their colour and that is a shame, there is nothing that can take the place of the real thing and all imitations pale in comparison.

Whatever your choice is of Precious Gemstones you will always know you have something that is precious, beautiful and rare. Every stone is unique and amazing I hope you enjoy your favourite Precious Gemstone.