April 26, 2011

Aquamarine is an opaque blue-green crystal that is seen as the crystal of courage. It helps to alleviate fear, stress and phobias. It brings about clarity, reasoning, learning, lessons, creativity and self expression.

Aids clear vision and encourages one to look toward ones life path and to move forward with ease and preparation.

An excellent crystal for those who meditate and like to be in calm, connected energy.

It opens the intuition, psychic and clairvoyant aspects and is useful to release blocked energy and communication.

It is wonderful for all aspects of spiritual awareness and higher states of consciousness.

This crystal is protective and shields the aura, also very useful to align the chakra’s and meridians.

Aquamarine aids the throat and communication problems, glands, fluid retention (sleep with it at your feet), liver, kidneys and thyroid problems.

This crystal is aligned with the Throat Chakra and the Navel Chakra (urinary tract).

All information serves as a guide only.

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