James Tyberonn

The New Moon of November 6th

Tomorrows New Moon is an especially powerful day, and a brief breath of fresh air from the intensities that have covered the planet recently. Neptune moves forward on Sunday, and Venus is completing her trip thru the underworld. Take time to meditate on this especially unique and potent new Moon on Saturday. It is an excellent time to put dreams into place. Time to envision and take action!

The past 2 weeks have been a very interesting energy, containing the intensity that is more and more becoming the norm, yet none the less, an energy with the dual edge aspect of cutting both ways.

Used in positive affirmation, this energy can be employed to reach new and prolific depths of vision thru introspection, for the veil is extremely thin just now and thru the next 10 days. Yet keep in mind that this unique energy gestalt can heighten emotions either way, and one must be careful not to become overwhelmed or fall into imbalance that can easily lead into the untoward throes of negativity and personal conflicts in relationships. Tread lightly, and focus on positve expressions !

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