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November 6, 2010


As we continue our journey of evolution, it feels to me that we are in a tunnel of transition – we’ve been traveling through this tunnel since last spring. It is organic and alive – conscious. During August it felt like this tunnel became very narrow and was sloughing off those bits of our “story” that we were ready to release. It was painful and some of us may have felt deep discouragement or disconnection from who we’ve thought ourselves to be. This tunnel seems to be pulsating and moving us through terrain that helps us to see our deepest truth. But where does that take us? I have been contemplating this because I have been working with releasing a “discordant energy” that I have felt all my life. For so long it was a part of me and I believed it and so I barely saw it because I was so accustomed to this feeling of disempowerment. I won’t go into the details, but I feel we all have our own version of this energy that eats away at our self esteem and makes it very difficult to love ourselves.

This feeling is now something I recognize when it shows up. An old, familiar vibration that seems to surround me and flow within me. I’ve been given a vision of a golden harp with one string that is either disconnected and whipping around or loose and covered with dust and tarnish. It’s associated with memories of my life that, when I’m vibrating in this discordant energy, spin around and around in my head.

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